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Easy, No-Cook, 3-ingredient Ashta

Ashta, Eshta or Qishta is a rich and creamy clotted cream that is commonly used in many Middle Eastern desserts. Ashta is considered a royal filling for many desserts like Atayef, Knefeh or 'znood el sit'. It can also be enjoyed on top of fruit cocktails or simply drizzled with raw honey and enjoyed with bread.

There are several recipes out there to make traditional ashta. The process of making ashta can be lengthy and requires boiling whole milk, sometimes half & half and add-ins like corn starch to help with the clotting. Many people resort to store bought or canned ashta for their recipes.

This version uses only 3 ingredients and can be ready in a few minutes as no cooking is required! I use a combination of extra smooth ricotta cheese & mascarpone with rose water. It is important that you use extra smooth ricotta as the texture is ideal for desserts like cannolis.

No-Cook 3-ingredient Ashta


1 cup extra smooth ricotta cheese

1 cup mascarpone cheese

1/2 tbsp rose water

Mix together and your ashta is ready to serve or to be used in your favoruite dessert! Store remaining ashta in the refrigerator.


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